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***** Please note: All orders from now will be ready by March Due to high demand. Thank you*****

Lilypie Reborn Nursery is dedicated to the beautiful art of reborning. A lot of time and dedication is put into the reborning process to ensure every family is happy with their new addition.

 I specialise in Quality Custom Made Reborn Babies or fake babies as also known, ensuring everyone can own their own beautiful creation, personal to them to love forever at an affordable price. Finding a cheap reborn is hard but I try and make my babies as affordable as possible.

Custom dolls and the Available Choices
Allow me to create a beautiful custom made reborn doll for you. Whether you are looking for a sleeping baby reborn, an awake baby reborn, a boy or a girl, I can make it for you.
Below are your options to choose from to create your perfect baby.
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Doll Choices: You are welcome to choose any sculpt for your custom reborn doll as long as I can find it in stock.  It doesn't have to be on my website, if it's not here then message me. The reborn process takes approximately four to six weeks from the time you order but keep in mind that some hard to find sculpts may require more time for locating and shipping. Any baby can be made a boy or girl.

Skin Tones: Each reborn I make is painted using high quality genesis heat set paints. These paints are done in translucent layers to create realism. Your baby can have a variety of different skin tones and complexions. You can have a great deal of newborn mottling, a bit of mottling or a smooth blushed complexion. There will be subtle veining on head and limbs.

Hair: If you wish your new baby to have hair then the hair on your reborn will be micro rooted using a tiny felting needle and mohair. If you wish to upgrade to the softer type premium mohair please let me know. The hair is sealed inside so that you can gently wash, comb and style your baby’s hair. Mohair comes in various colours, and it can be curly, wavy or straight.

Eyes: There are many different eye colours available. Also glass lauscha eyes can be added at an extra cost of £20.

Nails: Fingernails and toenails are given that “just manicured” look and then sealed to prevent chipping or peeling.

- Your baby, in most cases, can be equipped with a magnetic dummy. These magnets are extremely powerful earth magnets and they are glued inside of your baby’s head, as well as to the dummy. The earth magnets should not be used or placed near any electronic equipment, and they can not be used near anyone who may have a pacemaker. Please use caution if you choose to include earth magnets in your purchase. If you choose not to have magnets in your baby I can replace the magnetic pacifier with a modified one using pacifier putty. This putty is safe for your reborn and can be reused over and over again.
- Bottle which is filled with fake formula. The bottle is sealed in the teat so it looks like a real bottle when tilted but no chance of leaking
- Outfit of your choice. Let me know what type you would like and I will send your baby in it
- Soft fleece blanket for your baby to come home wrapped up snug
- Beating heart for that extra real effect. Only beats when lightly pressed
- Premium hair which is softer and less likely to Matt
- Brush and comb set with pretty diamanté detailing
- Glass eyes for that deep real look

Custom orders include the following:
- Your completed reborn baby
- Sleepsuit
- One nappy
- A birth certificate
- Bow or hat for boys
- Any extras or accessories agreed upon during the purchase.

Each custom reborn baby takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Payment plans are available on some babies and a deposit of 50% is required and non refundable. While I take every effort to meet your expectations for gender and skin tones, etc., it is not always possible to create the exact look you may desire. Please realise that it is not possible to create two identical reborns or to create a reborn that looks identical to a specific baby photo you may have. Some pictures used on the site are prototypes of babies which I use if I have not done this particular kit before so u can see how baby will be similar too as hard to tell from a blank kit. Please ask if u require information.  If you are interested in a custom reborn doll please contact me on 07947 697253 or 

Doll kits available to choose from

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